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20,000 Leagues Under
20,000 Leagues Under dress
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Navy uniform


Alice: Otherlands

The 20,000 Leagues Under dress is fourth outfit worn by Alice Liddell during her visit to Jules Verne's Otherland.


Dress symbols

Main article: Dress symbol
  • Water – For emotion, empathy, and sensitivity.
  • TinTin symbol – Represents a philosophical lesson to life that standing alone is weaker than if combined with another element (strong as one, but stronger in unison).


Alice wears a navy military-styled pea coat with gold buttons and gold-rimmed edges and a light brown sweater collar underneath it. Her belt strap is white and her belt buckle is gold. She wears navy trousers with gold linings at the sides, and knee-high boots. She wears white long gloves, and a navy captain's hat with an "A" logo on the front. Her Vorpal Blade sheath is navy with yellow at its opening, decorated with a checkered blue bow.

Hollow Yves

Hollow Yves lacks his ribbons and is clipped on the huge navy military-styled blue bow with a white center at Alice's back.


  • The dress may have been inspired by the submarine Nautilus featured in two of Verne's novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island.
  • The team referenced the various incarnations of Captain Nemo over the years, as well as various depictions of female pirates. They wanted her to look captain-like, feminine, and fantastic.[1]


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