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Alice: Madness Returns Original Soundtrack
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Alice: Madness Returns Original Soundtrack is the musical score of Alice: Madness Returns. The game features music composed and performed by Jason Tai and Marshall Crutcher. One of the tracks, "Wasteland", was written and performed by Chris Vrenna, who composed the original soundtrack for American McGee's Alice.

The twenty-two piece score was released on May 17, 2011 by EA Recordings, titled Alice: Madness Returns Original Videogame Soundtrack.

The full unofficial soundtrack with over one-hundred musical pieces was unofficially released as the Alice: Madness Returns Unreleased Original Soundtrack.


List of songs in the soundtrack
  1. "Alice: Madness Returns Theme"
  2. "Vale of Tears"
  3. "Wasteland"
  4. "Hatter"
  5. "Madness"
  6. "Jack Splatter"
  7. "Sunken Crypt"
  8. "Radcliffe's Fate"
  9. "Jade"
  10. "Shadown Scroll"
  11. "Card Castles in the Sky"
  12. "Queensland"
  13. "The Asylum"
  14. "Hyde Park"
  15. "Fort Resistance"
  16. "Dollhouses"
  17. "Off With Her Head"
  18. "Pulling Strings"
  19. "Moorgate Station"
  20. "Surreal"
  21. "Into Londerland"
  22. "Outro"

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