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The following information may be inaccurate or incomplete as it is upcoming information.
Alice: Otherlands
Alice Otherlands

Spicy Horse


Spicy Horse

Release date

Early 2015[1]

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Alice is fighting a larger evil in the world. One that affects not just her or the people that she cares about and nearby, you know, her family and friend, but also affects society at large.
American McGee

Alice: Otherlands, formerly known as Alice in Otherland, is the upcoming animated sequel to Alice: Madness Returns. It is a series of short films developed by Spicy Horse to help bring closure to the Alice series, which was envisioned as a trilogy by American McGee. However, this does not mean that there will no future Alice installments. It was intended to be released around December 2014 on DVD and Blu-ray, but has been pushed back to early 2015.[1]

It was originally going to be a video game, however, due to dealings with Electronic Arts, which owns the Alice property, regarding budgeting and licensing, it became an independent project on Kickstarter.[2]

Each short will be around four to ten minutes in length, however, this varies per short.

Plot Edit

Otherlands is set in near 1876. It focuses on a presumably 20 year-old Alice Liddell connecting with and entering the mentalities and minds of those around her, and revolves around her discovering the horrors of the human subconscious.

Episodes Edit

Production Edit

Main article: Alice: Otherlands production

The production started around May 2011 but was on-hold until March 2013. On August 5, 2013, the project was successfully funded. Voice acting funds for Susie Brann and Roger L. Jackson were acquired on August 17, 2013.

Originally, the project was intended to be released on December 2014, however, the project was still in the scoring phase by the time December had started and was set to resume after the holidays.

References Edit

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