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As one of the many communities under Wikia, Alice Wiki strives to expand its international network and cater different languages for Alice fans around the world.

Existing Wikis in Other Languages Edit

Active Edit

Alice Wikis that are active and have up-to-date content.

Need Help Edit

The following Alice Wikis are active, but currently need help with content and a steady flow of contributors.

Inactive Edit

Alice Wiki is looking for volunteers to adopt the following wikis. Potential volunteers should contact Ghostdoe on her wall.

Creating an Alice Wiki in Your Language Edit

Hollow Yves icon

To create an Alice Wiki in your language, click Hollow Yves and simply put "Alice" as a wiki name, "alice" as your domain name and set the language you want. After you have created your wiki, please contact any active administrator for you to be added in the list.

Wiki Layout Edit

It is generally preferred for all Alice Wikis to have a unified wiki layout unless the local language version admin(s) prefers otherwise. For any inquiries regarding your local CSS, please check Help:CSS or create a new thread in Board:Peak Temple.

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