These are the results of the previous polls posted on the main page.


Title Description Results
Madness Returns platform The results were very close. The 360 was in the lead, with the PC and PS3 following behind. Platform poll
Favorite dress The Late but Lucky dress won the poll. Coincidentally, the lower the dress was on the poll, the more votes it got! Favorite dress poll
Ending interpretation Most people believe Alice has a positive future. Ending poll
Alice: Otherlands Less than one percent of people didn't want the third game, while ninety-five percent wanted Otherlands to become reality. AO poll
Pandora Most fans were disappointed with Alice's portrayal, although there were a small group of people who enjoyed it, and another small group which didn't mind. Pandora
Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter A third of people did not donate to the Kickstarter, but two thirds donated what they could. Otherlands Poll
Halloween costume Majority of the people were dressed up as Alice last Halloween, while less than one-fifth chose to dress up as another Alice character. The remaining did not dress up as anything Alice-related. Halloween poll
Wonderland Queensland won by a landslide in the favorite part of Wonderland in Madness Returns. It was followed by the Vale of Tears and Dollhouse, both of which had more than a hundred votes, while the rest were less than a hundred. Wonderland poll
Unreleased enemy The Wasp Empress took more votes than any of the other enemies put together, thus allowed her to win by a landslide. The rest were either forty votes or less, with the Piranha coming last. Unreleased enemy poll
Other minds 56 out of 134 people look forward to Bram Stoker's mind in Alice: Otherlands, while 39 voted for Vincent van Gogh. The rest of the minority voted for the other famous minds. Other minds poll
Alice: Otherlands release Majority of the people will watch Alice: Otherlands with their other Alice merchandise. Release of Alice Otherlands poll
The Vorpal Bag More than half of the people would not buy the Vorpal Bag due to its price. Almost one fourth of the other voters had considered buying it, while the rest bought the bag and would use it often. Vorpal Bag poll

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