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American McGee's Alice Unreleased Original Soundtrack
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Chris Vrenna

The American McGee's Alice Unreleased Original Soundtrack is a slightly extended soundtrack from its original counterpart, the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack. It contains several pieces of unreleased soundtrack that could be found in-game, but was simply never released on the soundtrack for unknown reasons.

The pieces included in this soundtrack were never released officially, but did see a debut in American McGee's Alice. The original released soundtrack was sold from October 16, 2001 onwards.

Unlike the Alice: Madness Returns Unreleased Original Soundtrack, all unreleased pieces in this edition of the soundtrack were all fair in length (excluding the "bad" edition of "A Happy Ending") and therefore could have been placed on the soundtrack.


  1. "Centipede's Sanctum"
  2. "Duchess"
  3. "Dry Landing"
  4. "Hollow Hideaway"
  5. "About Face (Mad Hatter)"
  6. "Jabberwock's Lair"
  7. "The Puppet Queen"
  8. "A Bad Finale"

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