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American McGee's Alice enemies
Chess Pieces

American McGee's Alice

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The American McGee's Alice enemies are several forms of foe that Alice Liddell met on her journey through Wonderland.

Enemies Edit

Boss Edit

  • Duchess — A violent cannibal, and the first major obstacle that Alice has to overcome.
  • Jabberwock — The monstrous manifestation of Alice's survivor guilt.
  • Mad Hatter — The owner of the asylum Behind the Looking Glass.
  • Queen of Hearts — Insane, murderous, and merciless dictator who rules Wonderland. Also, the final boss.
  • Red King — The ruler of the Red chess pieces in the Pale Realm.
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee — Twins running the asylum in Looking Glass Land.
  • Voracious Centipede — Commander of all insect forces in the Wonderland Woods.

Regular Edit

  • Antlion — Bug creature with devastatingly large claws that bite.
  • Army Ant — Ant-like creature dressed in military clothing and carry bayonetted muskets.
  • Automaton — Unfortunate victim of the Mad Hatter's experiments.
  • Blood Rose — Rose enemy who is covered in spiky thorns.
  • Boojum — A flying enemy, inspired by the likeness of banshees.
  • Card Guard — A human card of four different forms.
  • Crawler — Enemy invoked by the Voracious Centipede to maim his enemy.
  • Fire Imp — Devil-like creature who roam freely in the warmer areas of Wonderland.
  • Fire Snark — A counterpart of the Snark that dwells in lava.
  • Jabberspawn — The Jabberwock's devoted warrior.
  • Killer Mushroom — Innocent-looking fungi that spring to life when Alice gets too close.
  • Ladybug — Flying bug who drop large acorn-like bombs upon Alice.
  • Lava Man — A two-armed enemy who is covered in lava.
  • Nightmare Spider — Large, spider-like creature with the face of a doll.
  • Phantasmagoria — Air-borne enemy with an appearance similar to that of a reaper.
  • Red Bishop — A soldier of the Red Army, one of the many chess pieces against Alice.
  • Red Knight — A soldier of the Red Army, one of the many chess pieces against Alice.
  • Red Pawn — The weakest chess piece.
  • Red Rook — A soldier of the Red Army, one of the many chess pieces against Alice.
  • Snark — Water creature who bit and nip at Alice.

Unreleased Edit

  • Fungi — A very odd character, which was essentially two characters tied together. It consists of a large, bloated and floating creature, who floats upside down. Hanging from this is a small, slightly humanoid creature with a childlike face, an insect-like tail, no legs and long arms with big gloves on the end. When encountered, the Fungi will follow and try to attack.

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