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Centipede's Sanctum
Centipede's Sanctum entrance

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Centipede's Sanctum


American McGee's Alice

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The Centipede's Sanctum was the sixth section of the Wonderland Woods. It was where Alice defeated the Voracious Centipede and took a bite of the Mushroom of Life to grow back to her normal size.


American McGee's Alice

Alice was pushed into the depths of the Sanctum through the mouth of a nutcracker toy and was confronted by the Voracious Centipede himself. At the center of the battlefield was the Mushroom of Life, which Alice needed to grow to her regular size. Along the way, Alice obtained her first Grasshopper Tea and after defeating the Centipede, she climbed the rock to grab the mushroom. She took a bite of it and grew back to her regular size, arriving into Caterpillar's Plot.


Centipede's Sanctum - Mushroom

The Mushroom of Life on the pedestal.

The only piece of the Sanctum which appeared to be out of ordinary was the nutcracker toy entrance. Other than that, the entire area was a barren wasteland of rock and darkness. The battlefield was mostly round and surrounded by cliffs. A large pedestal was located at the center that held the Mushroom, which was slightly out of Alice's reach.

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