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It's my turn to forget, Alice!
— Charlie to Alice Liddell

Charlie is an unfortunate boy and an orphan who resides at the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth. According to Dr. Angus Bumby, Charlie was beaten by his abusive mother. In response, his father killed his mother, and as a result, his father received the death penalty by hanging. Both of his parents' deaths led him to the orphanage, while the trauma from being beaten by his mother led him to therapy sessions with Bumby.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns

After Alice's session with Bumby, the doctor tasked her to pick up medicine at the pharmacist and call Charlie. When Alice opened the door, Charlie was outside waiting and cheerfully exclaimed to her that it was his turn to forget his memories.[1]


Charlie is a blond haired boy. His shirt is blue and his trousers are black, both look worn and faded just like most other residence at the home. His voice is fairly high-pitched and comical and he has a round head, button nose, small eyes, and fairly wide lips.


  • It can be assumed that Charlie became one of Bumby's child prostitutes as he, unlike Alice, is quite willing to forget his past.[1]


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