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The Cup is an unreleased weapon from Alice: Madness Returns which was intended to be equipped by Alice throughout her journey in Wonderland. It is one of several weapon concepts based upon tarot and takes the color of purple when equipped. The cup's attacks were separated - one became the Pepper Grinder while the other became another unused weapon; the Fire Whip. Initially, these weapons were planned to make an appearance in-game as they had models and animations (which now cannot be found in the game files). They were cut, but shown in the beta trailer, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Usage Edit

The Cup originally had two primary attacks which were depicted in The Art of Alice: Madness Returns – one ranged attack and another melee. Similar to the current use of the Pepper Grinder, Alice could grind the end of the cup to allow the release of explosive material to pursue her enemy.

However, if Alice's enemy is too close, Alice could spin the cup around on a chain at high-speed similar to the fire whip.

Appearance Edit

Cup dress

The dark-purple Cup dress.

The Cup is one of four weapons and dresses which were in the original line-up of Alice: Madness Returns. The others being the Classic dress, the Hammer and the Wand.

The Cup is a heavy, wooden-based which uses its weight to effectively smash and dismantle enemies. It breaks whatever surrounds it and reduces it to a thick dust when used. It has a simple, small, unmarked and round exterior, but has an extremely long and flexible metal chain hidden within its skin.

When equipped, the Cup turns Alice's Classic blue ensemble to a dark purple-based haze – looking extremely grey and worn from the smoke it unfolds. This is due to the fact that Alice's weapons were originally based upon tarot, and her dresses would change color when a certain weapon was equipped.

Trivia Edit

  • The cup is one of the only tarot-based weapons to not be used at any known stage of development – specifically not receiving any 3D model or animation. It is similar to and was possibly replaced by another unused weapon – the Fire Whip – which actually received animation.

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