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Dinah at the window
Biographical information
Provenance Oxford
Physical description
Gender Female
Skin color Black
Skin type Fur
Personal information
Allies The Liddell family
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Dinah was a black cat and pet of Alice Liddell. She was known to had knocked over an oil lamp, which made it seem like she set Alice's home on fire, leading to the deaths of Alice's family.[1]

Biography Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

Dinah was known to be the only cause of the fire. She was seen in Alice's home close to the fireplace when she stretched and gently bumped a stack of books. Her action caused the books to tumble and collide with several other objects including a lamp. The lamp broke and spilled into the fire, causing the blaze to move from its current position and burn the home.[1] The feline was seen with Alice as the latter was leaving Rutledge Asylum.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

It turned out Dinah had a role in the fire, but she was not the cause of it at all. Dinah had saved Alice's life by showing her the only safe way to escape the house was to leap out the window. It was revealed the house fire had been started by Alice's psychiatrist, Dr. Angus Bumby, a rapist who killed Alice's sister Elizabeth Liddell before starting the fire.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • In Alice: Madness Returns, Dinah's name is misspelled "Dynah" in the subtitles only. Everywhere else, including the Extra Content, it is spelled Dinah.
  • Dinah's absence in Madness Returns implies that she might have died sometime after Alice was released from the asylum.
  • In the Italian version of the game (and Disney's cartoon), Dinah's name is changed to "Oreste," and she is a male cat.

References Edit

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