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Dodo is a citizen of Wonderland, as well as part of the strange arrangement of its fauna. In Alice's fourth return to Wonderland, he, along with the other dodos, were forced to run to power the factory.[1]

Biography Edit

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Edit

Alice with Dodo

Alice and Dodo.

After Alice swam to the shore of the Pool of Tears with them, Dodo proposed that everyone take part in a Caucaus Race, a race where everyone starts and finishes whenever they please, and declared everyone the winner. Alice fed him and the animals comfits as their prize, and she was awarded a thimble.

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

Dodo and many other dodos were present in Hatter's Domain as a power source, known as Dodomechs. They were forced to run on hamster wheels to provide power, while some were roasted on a spit.[1] More dodos were found in the Dodo Miserarium. Most of them were caged, either alive or dead, and the others were powering machinery. The ones found in the Engine Room were used to power separate machinery used by the March Hare. After Alice pulled the levers that controlled the hamster wheels in the Engine Room, the machines stopped, and the dodos were no longer forced to run.[2]

Appearance Edit

The dodos being forced to run on hamster wheels had their eyes removed and replaced with screws that drilled into their skulls. The screws attached them to harnesses designed to keep them on the wheels until they die. The dodos not on hamster wheels or spits were shoved in hanging bird cages and squawked pitifully when Alice passed by.

Trivia Edit

Dodo sign

The dodo on the shop sign.

  • There is a shop sign in Whitechapel Market with a picture of a dodo on it and the text Evertsz Co. Unusual Specimens.[3]

References Edit

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