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These ornately-crafted beasts, once the pride of the Hatter’s table, seem destined for scrap. Understandably they’re shirty, unsociable, bloody angry – and dangerous.
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The Eyepot is an enemy mostly common in the Hatter's Domain, but also appears in some Radula Rooms. Its passive form is a teapot with its eye closed and legs folded. The Eyepot has an extra ability where it can materialize through a swirl of clouds like the Madcaps.

Biography Edit

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

Alice Liddell first met the Eyepot in the tea preparation area of Hatter's Domain. She was unable to proceed in the Lost and Found room until she had defeated the enemies in the area.[1]

Appearance Edit


The Eyepot preparing to attack.

The Eyepot is a teapot-like creature that runs on three spider-like legs and has a red, cat-like eye in the center of its metal body. Its whole body is mostly rusting and appears to be a combination of gold and green.

When passive, the Eyepot's eye is closed and its legs are folded under it, imitating a regular teapot. However, once Alice comes close, the Eyepot opens its red eye and its legs branch out from underneath.

Attacks Edit

  • Stomp – The Eyepot rears up on one leg and slams its sharp legs down on Alice.
  • Teapot Cannon – The Eyepot launches blobs of blistering hot tea from a distance.

Tactics Edit

When the Eyepot is preparing to stomp on Alice, there is a pause when the enemy is rearing up on its one leg that allows Alice to prepare for a dodge. While the Eyepot is also preparing to fire blobs of tea, it gives off a whistling noise and Alice can use this warning to evade.

Its body is too durable for Alice to hurt, but its eye is vulnerable to her attacks. Firing the Pepper Grinder or Teapot Cannon, or using the Clockwork Bomb will knock it down, giving the perfect opportunity to attack it with the Vorpal Blade or Hobby Horse.

References Edit

  1. Spicy Horse (2011-06-17). Alice: Madness Returns. (Electronic Arts). Scene: Always Elevenses. Level: Chapter 1: Hatter's Domain.

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