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"Fire and Brimstone"
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Original Soundtrack


Chris Vrenna



Preceded by
"Fortress of Doors"
Followed by
"Wonderland Woods"
Where's that Rabbit?
Alice Liddell, "Fire and Brimstone"

"Fire and Brimstone" is the fourth piece of the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack. The name of the piece itself is a nod to an area in Alice, the Land of Fire and Brimstone.

The piece is notably used during the Fortress of Doors level, and then, similar to most pieces, reused again later in the game.

Towards the end, the piece features of mixture of sounds which could relate to Alice's consciousness in Rutledge Asylum, including footsteps, thunder and dripping noises. It also uses audio sang by Jessika Addams towards the end, which is edited into several different pitches, similar to the instrumental "Pool of Tears".


  • Alice: "...Where is that Rabbit?"
  • White Rabbit: "...Please don't dawdle Alice, we're very late indeed!"

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