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Fred is one of the several known policemen of London's police force.


Alice: Madness Returns

While Alice was waking up in the gaol, Fred was in a discussion with another police officer outside her cell. Prior to her imprisonment, Alice was not acting sane enough to stay on the London streets and she was abruptly taken in by Fred and a fellow officer to the gaol.[1]


Fred the Cop appearance

Fred's appearance.

Fred, like most of the police force surrounding the gaol, maintains an extremely fit and bulky figure. His legs are quite short while his torso is toned and large, thus giving a more intimidating look. He sports a light brown hair.

He maintains a neat navy blue police officer uniform consisting of tail coats, trousers, top hats, and black boots. His top hat has a golden badge on its front. His waist is tightened and is quite thin from the belt.


  • It is presumed that Fred, along with most of the London police force, are unaware of Doctor Bumby's prostitution ring.
  • It can be assumed that Fred's name is a nickname.


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