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Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth

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Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth
Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth
Also known as Houndsditch Home and Refuge for Wayward Youth[1]
Location London
First appearance Chapter 1
Game Alice: Madness Returns
Location on map [?]
London map
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The Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth is a shelter in London's East End for unfortunate children, especially orphans, previously ran by Dr. Angus Bumby.[2] It was where Alice Liddell lived after being released in Rutledge Asylum.[1]

History Edit

Background Edit

To much of the outside world, and the residents, Houndsditch Home was a completely normal orphanage. The place, however, had a much darker secret – Bumby used his hypnotherapy skills to make the children forget who they were, turning them into mindless prostitutes used to fulfill Bumby's desires, as well as the buyer's sexual pleasure.[3] Children ready for sale were marked with names and number tags, and then put out into the street.[4]

Eventually, Alice was sent from Rutledge Asylum to Houndsditch by Nurse Pris Witless. There, Alice worked as a maid as it kept her off of the streets. She also received therapy sessions from Doctor Bumby, however, she had not noticed the evil intentions Bumby really had.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

Bumby's strategy worked very well until Alice came along and used Wonderland to find the memories he made her forget. She used her memories from Wonderland to realize that Bumby was responsible for the fire that killed her family.[5] She eventually killed him in Moorgate Station after confronting him.[6]

Appearance Edit

Lobby of Houndsditch

The Houndsditch lobby.

The Houndsditch home takes the formal appearance of most building created during the Victorian era. It is a solid and tall building, yet somewhat quite small for an orphanage housing so many children, built from brick and attached to other buildings from both sides. From the outside, it is surrounded by a tall iron fence with no front garden, with a copper sign clearly reading the name of the home and the name of Doctor Bumby on the front.

On the inside, the building is extremely spacious, with almost all rooms being quite large. Most rooms are extremely messy and in disrepair, save for Alice's bedroom. Alice is the only person not to share a bedroom, presumably other than Bumby, however, Alice's room is also the smallest. The other children sleep in two rooms, a girls dorm and a boy's dorm. Each room has about eight beds, most of which are in bunk beds. These rooms tend to be scattered with discarded pieces of clothing and toys, similar with some hallways and the front room, which itself is also covered in books. The front room also sports a portrait of Doctor Bumby with several of the orphaned children.

References Edit

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