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Hyde Park
Hyde Park


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Hyde Park is a park located in London, that was covered in a very thick fog, with the only way of navigation being the light from the lamp posts. Alice Liddell briefly visited the park[1] before being transported to the Dollhouse.[2]


Before the fire

Mr. Liddell took the young Lizzie to Hyde Park where she played with the slides. She promised one day that their father would also bring Alice along.[3]

Alice: Madness Returns

After having a hallucination of Rutledge Asylum,[4] Alice visited Hyde Park and found it covered in a thick fog. She eventually encountered an Insane Child pleading for her help and warning her of a new evil that reigned Wonderland before dying. When she further ventured in the area, she found an apparition of her family home on fire,[1] and was suddenly transported in the Dollhouse.[2]


  • It is unknown whether or not Alice is merely having another hallucination of being in Hyde Park.
  • Hyde Park was misspelled as Hide Park in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • In the Beta Content of Alice: Madness Returns, she would witness her burning home in the streets of London rather than in Hyde Park.


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