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Hyde Park
Hyde Park


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Hyde Park is a park located in London, that was covered in a very thick fog, with the only way of navigation being the light from the lamp posts. Alice Liddell briefly visited the park[1] before being transported to the Dollhouse.[2]

History Edit

Before the fire Edit

Mr. Liddell took the young Lizzie to Hyde Park where she played with the slides. She promised one day that their father would also bring Alice along.[3]

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

After having a hallucination of Rutledge Asylum,[4] Alice visited Hyde Park and found it covered in a thick fog. She eventually encountered an Insane Child pleading for her help and warning her of a new evil that reigned Wonderland before dying. When she further ventured in the area, she found an apparition of her family home on fire,[1] and was suddenly transported in the Dollhouse.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether or not Alice is merely having another hallucination of being in Hyde Park.
  • Hyde Park was misspelled as Hide Park in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • In the Beta Content of Alice: Madness Returns, she would witness her burning home in the streets of London rather than in Hyde Park.

References Edit

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