Insidious Ruin
Insidious Ruin
First appearance

Vale of Tears


Alice: Madness Returns

Melee attack


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An unnatural and hostile combination of ruined mechanical parts vomits pollution and slashes through the much it dispenses. A mindless, industrial disease, it oozes grease and mechanical slime and wields a dangerous weapon. Its unseemly sound and noisome stench completes its menacing aura. An awful head adds to its revolting appearance.
Alice Liddell about the Insidious Ruin

Insidious Ruin are the first enemies encountered by Alice Liddell in the Vale of Tears. They are not natural inhabitants of Wonderland as they were born out of the Ruin, a side effect of the corruption and pollution of the Dollmaker.

Biography Edit

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

After obtaining the Vorpal Blade from the skeleton of the Jabberwock. A passage previously blocked by huge roots opened, and Alice was lead to her first encounter with the Insidious Ruin. She was only able to move on to the next area once they were all defeated.[1]

Appearance Edit

They are composed mainly of ruin and have doll heads and engines which pump out a small amount of black smog.

Attacks Edit

  • Swipe – Insidious Ruin will try to swipe at Alice if they get close to her. They also use their "dash" ability, wherein their engines pump and push them forward, to quickly get close to Alice and swipe at her.

Tactics Edit

They are easily killed by slashing them with the Vorpal Blade. They will also die from a single, direct hit from the Teapot Cannon, regardless of its upgrade level.

References Edit

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