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American McGee's Alice

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Lunge, Snap, Claw, Tail

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These smaller, lizard-like children of the Jabberwock can’t fly but they can rip you to shreds in a matter of seconds.
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The Jabberspawn were fearsome creatures that dwelled in Wonderland on only two legs while lacking arms. They were based on the Jabberwock, and served as his devoted warriors. Alice first encountered them in the Land of Fire and Brimstone, prior to the fight with the Jabberwock.

Biography Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

After Alice crossed the lava pool, she arrived at the canyon wall and proceeded to climb it. Upon reaching the top, she saw a pair of Jabberspawns on the path.[1] They also appear in Jabberwock's Lair.

Appearance Edit

Their skin was shades of blues and greens and their mouths were an oval trap of deadly sharp teeth sticking out in several directions. The back of their body trailed all the way behind them, creating a long lizard-like tail, which was fairly thick and heavy. On their ankles, they had two small fiery eyes and their head was immersed in fire-spewing craters and holes erupting from the top. They also had two fairly skinny legs and large feet, as well as larger tar black claws.

Attacks Edit

  • Claw Swipe – The Spawn will swipe at Alice with their thick claws.
  • Tail Whip – They will swipe Alice with a clean flick of the tail to Alice's legs.

Tactics Edit

Like their progenitor, Jabberspawn were difficult to defeat, and a group of them made fighting a struggle. Jumping and creating a wall of ice with the Ice Wand was one of the best way to avoid their attacks. A small distance must be kept to save a lot of Alice's will. Throwing Jacks, or using some of the more powerful weapon, to let them bounce on the Jabberspawn were a good way of defeating them.

Trivia Edit

  • They tended to work on or near any surfaces throughout the game, however, there seemed to be a lack of them during areas which contained a lot of water, and were mostly seen during areas where there was more rock and lava.

References Edit

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