Jason Tai
Jason Tai
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I like the story and its characters. As for inspiration, not much to be honest. Alice: Madness Return's artwork and visuals spoke to me more when composing the score.
— Jason Tai[1]

Jason Tai is the primary music composer involved in creating the soundtrack for Alice: Madness Returns. He is known to have created around 110 pieces for the full soundtrack although only twenty-two were officially released on the Alice: Madness Returns Original Soundtrack alongside Marshall Crutcher and Chris Vrenna, who previously worked on the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack.

Out of the twenty-two released pieces on the soundtrack, he developed eighteen pieces while three were developed by Marshall Crutcher and one was developed by Chris Vrenna.

Alice credits

Alice: Madness Returns

  • Sound director and lead composer


  1. Jason Tai Interview: Scoring Alice's Return. Retrieved on April 24, 2016.

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