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Land of Fire and Brimstone
Burning Curiosity

Eastern hemisphere

First appearance

Burning Curiosity


American McGee's Alice

Location on map
Land of Fire and Brimstone map
The Land of Fire and Brimstone was the domain where Alice met and confronted the Jabberwock.

History Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

Gryphon talking to Alice

Gryphon telling Alice to recruit more rebels.

Alice arrived in the Land of Fire and Brimstone after fighting the Mad Hatter. The Gryphon took Alice to the Land of Fire and Brimstone, rounding up rebel troops to fight against the Queen of Hearts.[1] The area was steep and rocky, and drenched in a flow of lava.

Alice eventually found the oracle again, who revealed himself to be none other than the Caterpillar. During this discussion, Alice realized that she broke Wonderland and only she can repair it by defeating the Queen of Hearts. Moving on, Alice found an apparition of her home, which from the outside appeared to be untouched.[2]

Alice facing the Jabberwock

Alice facing the Jabberwock.

However, upon entering the home, it was destroyed and still very much alight in several places, and the Jabberwock was waiting for her calmly. After a conversation with him, Alice and the Jabberwock began fighting until the Gryphon was alerted and smashed the Jabberwock in the face, removing his eye and thus completing the Jabberwock's Eye Staff.[3]

Appearance Edit

The Land of Fire and Brimstone was a fiery domain of rock and ash, with lava bursting its banks at every corner possible. The sky was orange and reflected the fierce lava and enemies creeped around every corner. Further on, the lava became more and more apparent and land was becoming much more scarce.

Burning Curiosity - Liddell household

The outside of the Liddell house.

The Liddell house was located in the middle of the area. From the outside, the house was fairly intact, dressed in white, and its bottom half was constructed of orange bricks and a small porch area which was protected by a metal fence. Its white double doors were also open and welcoming, holding a portal within them. However, on the inside, flames that killed Alice's family were still apparent. Most of the brick work and the roof was intact, however, much of the roof had been burnt severely and the wooden torso of the home had vanished, only showing a dim, black background for miles. Most of the flooring and the battleground for the fight with the Jabberwock was damaged.

Locations Edit

The Land of Fire and Brimstone had two different sections:

Residents and creatures Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Land of Fire and Brimstone had three sections consisting of the Volcano Incline Village, the Citadel of Fire, and the Lair of the Jabberwocky in the map of Wonderland found in the old EA website.[4]

References Edit

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