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Late but Lucky
Late but Lucky

Constantly regenerates health

Based on

White Rabbit


Alice: Madness Returns

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Late but Lucky dress poster
Haste without Waste.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Late but Lucky dress is one of Alice Liddell's outfits available as DLC. It is influenced by the White Rabbit and the dress' in-game effect is the imbued power of the Shrinking Violets that constantly regenerated her health.


Her irises turned a light shade of pale purple and her black hair adopted a grayish-black hue.


Alice wears a white button-up dress, dark red jacket, and gold waistcoat with three triangular buttons. On the back of the red jacket are two big black buttons. She has a black top hat with long rabbit ears. For her legs, she has white spats that end at the ankles, and her feet turned into rabbit's paws.

She has black gloves with long claws sticking out. A gold pocket watch with a 13 o' clock is on a chain hanging on the right side of her jacket from the bottom button of her waistcoat. The clock has two hands which move. She has a red crevat around her neck, tied with an Omega-shaped clip.

Hollow Yves

Hollow Yves' skull is replaced by a rabbit tail and the ribbons are two rabbit feet. The bow itself is a light pink shade.


  • There is a belief that a rabbit foot is said to bring good luck.


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