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London dress concept

Alice in reality

Based on

Late 1800s appearance of Londoners


Alice: Madness Returns

London was the name given to the dress Alice Liddell wore in the real world. As Alice was suffering from poverty and couldn't afford basic clothing, her clothes were given to her by Pris Witless.[1]

Appearance Edit

Alice looks just as tatty and dirty as the outfit; her skin is sickly pale, her cheeks are more gaunt, her disheveled hair is shorter and messy, as it has not been washed or brushed recently, and the darkness around her eyes make her look tired or that she has been crying.

Dress Edit

Although it noticeably had some sort of Wonderland influence, the dress makes Alice look insignificant in her reality, and the use of dull colors draw attention away from her. It appears worn and dirty, and she is unable to have them washed properly. She wears a striped, black-and-white, long-sleeved shirt, and a black skirt. She wears a tattered white pinafore over the top of them, which bears a checkered border. Her stockings and shoes are black, and her shoes have nickel buckles.

Hollow Yves Edit

The dress lacks Hollow Yves, although it does have a bow whose appearance looks fairly more tattered and beaten than usual. The middle section of the tied bow replaces the usual location of Hollow Yves.

Trivia Edit

  • The dress shows how Alice looks in reality, while in Wonderland she appears as how she sees herself, or how she wants to look, hence the difference.
  • Alice's reality appearance exemplifies themes of body image issues, and how outward appearances do not always coincide with inner feelings.

References Edit

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