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The Mayor of Barrelbottom is one of Carpenter and Walrus's victims when the Dollmaker had taken control of Wonderland. He was found beneath Dreary Lane Theatre moaning in pain.[1]


Alice: Madness Returns

After saving the souls of the drowned crew,[2] Alice made her way back to Dreary Lane Theatre to find a shocking discovery of a bloody massacre of sea-life beneath it. Among the victims was the Mayor of Barrelbottom, who was suspended from the ceiling through crucifixion on an anchor. He was amazingly still alive, as he was heard moaning softly in agony.[1]


The Mayor of Barrelbottom is a nautilus with a body of a man. He wears a black top hat with a blue ribbon, dark blue tailcoat, black striped pants, and brown leather shoes. He also has a blue sash with the word "Mayor" written in yellow letters. Being victim of the Carpenter and Walrus, the Mayor has a huge saw embedded on his shell head and his right eye has been slashed.


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