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Mayor Elder
Gnome Elder
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Gnome Elder



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Alice Liddell, Torch Gnomes, Gryphon


Queen of Hearts, Jabberwock, Card Guards



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Even blurred vision is valued by the blind. If I were clever, would I cower in this slag heap? I'm not wise, girl. I've just... grown old.
— Mayor Elder[1]

The Mayor Elder is a tired and old gnome who suffers from poor health due to excessive smoking. He is a skilled driver of a blimp-like mechanism,[2] and knows his way around the Skool. He helped Alice gain the ingredients for the shrinking potion[3] if she freed the Torch Gnomes from the Queen of Hearts' tyranny.[1]

Biography Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

As Alice traveled through the Village of the Doomed, a Torch Gnome told Alice that the only Gnome who was brave enough to help her would be the Mayor Elder.[4] She eventually found him near Yur Mine, and he agreed to help her.[1]

Mayor Elder took Alice to the Fortress of Doors towards the Skool,[2] and helped her gather ingredients to a concoction that let her grew small.[3][5] After giving her the key to the Observatory, which allowed Alice to move toward the Wonderland Woods, he was left in the Skool.[3]

After Alice defeated the Jabberwock in Queensland, she saw the Mayor Elder again clobbering a Diamond Card Guard who was trying to attack her from above.[6]

He was later seen back at his residence with the other Torch Gnomes, when the restoration of Wonderland started after the Queen of Hearts' demise.[7]

Appearance Edit

He is a short, elderly male gnome who has a medium-length beard that curves inwards. He wears a white, worn shirt with red dungarees and a blue cap. He is normally seen with a pipe and disappears by spinning around and shrinking.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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