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Gryphon, Alice Liddell


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Oh, there's an infinite amount of hope, but not for us!
— Mock Turtle to Alice[2]

The Mock Turtle is a tearful resident of Wonderland. He was the admiral of the HMS Gryphon, and was last seen in the Deluded Depths after a Shipwreck Shark had veered the ship off its course and crashed through the rocks.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Gryphon Turtle

Alice with Gryphon and Turtle.

Alice encounters the Mock Turtle with the Gryphon. He tells Alice his history of going to school in the sea, but cannot understand the school system which Alice describes to him – least of all the poetry she recites. Ironically, she cannot understand it either. He says the teacher was an old Sea Turtle called Tortoise and when Alice asks him why he was called Tortoise if he was a Turtle, the Mock Turtle answers, "We called him tortoise because he taught us!"

Alice and the Mock Turtle's misunderstanding is a pun on the two meanings of "school", referring in the turtle's usage to a school of fish or marine animals, and in Alice's usage to an institute of learning.

American McGee's Alice

Pool of Tears - Mock Turtle

Mock Turtle crying about his lost shell.

Alice encounters the Mock Turtle again while searching for the White Rabbit in the Vale of Tears.[3] He has a stereotypical geeky voice and briefs under his missing shell. He is as lachrymose as ever, having narrowly escaped becoming the Duchess' dinner but losing his shell in the process to her. He is willing to help Alice find Caterpillar, who would know of the White Rabbit, in exchange for his shell.

After the Duchess is killed[4] and his shell returned, the Mock Turtle guides Alice through Wholly Moral Ground to Dry Landing, where, upon arrival, he compliments her as an honorary reptile and gives her an extra shell, allowing her to breathe underwater, before swimming away.[5]

He appears with Alice and the other denizens of Wonderland when it is restored to its original peaceful state.[6]

Alice: Madness Returns

Mock Turtle with his ship in a bottle

Mock Turtle on the HMS Gryphon.

Prior to Alice's fourth journey to Wonderland, the Mock Turtle had become the stationmaster of the Infernal Train on the Looking Glass Railway, but was dismissed from his job after the Dormouse and March Hare commandeered the Mad Hatter's factory.[7]

Alice discovers the HMS Gryphon in the end of Tundraful with the captain in it. He quickly tells her to get into the ship and comments on their doomed fate. As the Shipwreck Sharks continue to attack the bottle, the Mock Turtle woefully exclaims that the beasts want his ship. Although Alice suggests he was more of their taste, the captain denies the statement and even goes as far as saying that the beasts are almost his relatives.[2]

Alice wryly rebuts that he was related to soup. The captain then voices his idea that they attend Carpenter's show, stating that "what they do not take seriously cannot harm them". After noticing the growing crevice in the bottle, Alice thinks that it would be best to dive before they become lunch.[2]

Mock Turtle talking to Alice

Mock Turtle talking to Alice.

Along the way, a Shipwreck Shark sets the ship off course and sends it crashing to various rocks through Deluded Depths.[8] With his ship a wreck, the Mock Turtle feels the same as well, and Alice tries her best to console him. She inquires about the Infernal Train, although he evades the question by changing the subject. He then tells her to ask Caterpillar about the Train and urges her to attend Carpenter's show and giving her a ticket.[7]


Mock Turtle globe

One of the larger snow globes.

  • There is a snow globe of the Mock Turtle seen in a few places in the game, such as in the Vale of Tears[9] and London.[10]
  • The Mock Turtle's appearance in Alice: Madness Returns is inspired by a painting by Ken Wong titled The Mock Turtle's Story. Although it contradicts the first game, it can be explained that Mock Turtle was once of the residents affected by Wonderland's hard reboot.
  • Originally, the Mock Turtle was to guide Alice during the HMS Gryphon mini-game. He would tell her when they were taking too much damage, when to fire cannons and to watch out for mines.[11]
  • Fellipe Martins confirmed that Mock Turtle was not an admiral yet when he received the dismissal letter,[12] indicating that the shoulder pads and medals should not have been included in the final animation.


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