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The Nautilus going inside a cavern

The Nautilus going inside a cavern.

The Nautilus was a miniature submarine that Alice Liddell and Jules Verne used when they plunged into the ocean.


Alice: Otherlands

After the hot air balloon fell into the ocean, Alice and Verne sailed in the Nautilus. Several tentacles were circling around the submarine as a tentacle wandered to the viewing window. Alice reflected on her relationship with Bumby, saying that "not all men of science [were] driven by noble pursuits." Angus Bumby's image morphed from the tentacle, and she gripped her Vorpal Blade and almost drew it out, as she again asked Verne what he feared. The tentacle's eyes lit up and noticed the Vorpal Blade, before returning to normal and disappearing. The tentacle monster was revealed to be the Leviathan, manifested from Alice's psyche. Verne took the Nautilus's wheel and they emerged in a cavern.[1]


The Nautilus's miniature appearance was a cross between the Nautilus of Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and modern submarines used by scientists to explore the extreme depths of oceans.[2]


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