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The famous minds of London

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Alice: Otherlands

Otherlands is the place where reality and imagination blend together. It granted Alice the ability to enter the minds of those she encountered and was able to see what wonders and horrors their minds contained. Her adventures in Otherlands also offered her the chance to share her gift with individuals, whose minds were able to shape the world.[1] Otherlands are, essentially, the "Wonderlands" of others.

History Edit

Jules Verne's Otherland Edit

Main article: Leviathan

Alice visited Jules Verne's Otherland and guided him through each of the visuals of his novels, which eventually made him realize his true question and purpose.

Richard Wagner's Otherland Edit

Main article: A Night at the Opera

After following the paper cutout of an opera singer in the miniature diorama of the stage from the Royal Opera House, Alice saw Richard Wagner on top of a podium of trumpets. He narrated her immersion to his Otherlands through his opera Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Appearance Edit

The Otherlands of Jules Verne and Richard Wagner are based on each of their famous respective works. Verne's landscape is an amalgamation of the elements and themes from his books, such as exploitation of fantastical places and the application of science to reach them, which has been influenced by both his and Alice's fears. Wagner's landscape is based on each of the music dramas that comprises his Der Ring des Nibelungen opera and it all happened on the stage of the London Royal Opera House.

Otherlands Edit

  • Jules Verne's Otherland
  • Richard Wagner's Otherland

References Edit

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