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Paint Pot
Paint Pot

Increases Alice's maximum health


Alice: Madness Returns

Paint Pots are prizes awarded to Alice Liddell after successfully completing a Radula Room challenge. These are small glass containers containing a red paint with a pig's face molded on the front.


Main article: Roses

Alice's health is represented by Roses and their quarters. The more Alice collected Paint Pots, the more she can paint Roses red and increase her health.

"Paint the Rose Red"

Main article: "Paint the Rose Red"

Four Paint Pots are needed to complete the challenge. Completing a challenge gives Alice another full Rose which adds to her maximum health.


  • The Paint Pots are a re-imagining of the paint containers from the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland novel. It was ordered that all of the Roses should be painted red, and thus, they were.

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