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Pig is the Duchess' only child and believed to be heavily mistreated as she would beat him when he sneezed thinking that he was only sneezing for fun.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

He lived in a small cottage where the cook put excessive amounts of pepper into Duchess's meals. It was not until Alice rescued the infant that the baby turned into a piglet outside of the house.

American McGee's Alice

While Pig himself never made an appearance, a portrait of him was seen in the Duchess' domain. The Duchess, however, seemed to have many more pig children during Alice's stay in the asylum, as she used them as bombs to attack Alice.[1]

Alice: Madness Returns

Pig never returned to his mother's home. However, it appeared that he would not be welcomed as the Duchess had resorted to an exclusively pig diet.[2]


  • Ironically, it has been said that pig flesh is similar to the taste of human flesh, therefore hinting that the Duchess may not be completely reformed. It is also hinted in some dialogue.


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