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Power-ups, also known as powerups, are in-game weaponry and upgrades which can only be used once after being found. They only work for a limited time and have four types that Alice will encounter.

A demonstration and short tutorial of power-ups, along with weaponry, movement, controls and environments, can be found in the in-game files, while a longer edition had been written for the official guide.

Types Edit

Rage Box Edit

This Rage Box increases Alice’s strength and conserves her Will. The Ragebox rocks.

The Rage Box is a red vial of liquid that causes Alice pain when the vapor comes in contact with her skin. It changes her appearance to that of a demon and her anger becomes more apparent due to the death of her family.

Grasshopper Tea Edit

A sip of the Grasshopper Tea is guaran-tea’d to improve Alice’s speed and agility.

The Grasshopper Tea is a grasshopper-themed teapot that changes Alice appearance when consumed. Her appearance and abilities become similar to a grasshopper.

Looking Glass Edit

Use this Darkened Looking Glass to creep unseen through creepy places.

The Looking Glass, also known as the Darkened Looking Glass, is a handheld mirror which gives Alice temporary invisibility. It allows her to creep past enemies and certain domains for a certain period of time until the effects wear off.

Deadtime Watch Edit

Everything but Alice stands still when she uses the Deadtime Watch!

The Deadtime Watch is a one-time use item per level, which stops time for a short period. Similar to the Looking Glass, it allows Alice to get past hordes of enemies without being noticed.

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