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Pressure Pad

A Pressure Pad in Hatter's Domain.

Pressure Pads are large buttons on the floors that activates doors, elevators, walls, switches, or other objects into opening, closing, stopping, or moving. They are activated when weight is applied. The Clockwork Bomb can be used to apply pressure on the pad, but it will only last for a short period of time.

Usage Edit

Pressure Pads are used to open up switches that can be fully activated using the Pepper Grinder. Sometimes, particularly during the Deluded Depths area and once during Cardbridge, some pressure pads do not require a Clockwork Bomb. Alice can simply navigate from pad to pad without it and it will already set a time limit to quickly figure out the path it sets off.

Other variations Edit

Pressure Plate Edit

The Pressure Plate[1][nb 1] is only available in the Majestic Maze and can only open the huge gate to the exit of the maze. Alice needs an enemy to stand on the plate for it to activate.

Teleportation Pad Edit

Looking Glass border
Looking Glass border
Memory Wilson
Is it a person's name? A place? Or simply some conjuring of this raving delirium?
The name "Teleportation Pad" is a conjecture and not confirmed by official sources.
Looking Glass border
Looking Glass border

The Teleportation Pad is only available in the area where Alice fights the Queen of Hearts in her final form. It is the gray square near the ledge where the Blunderbuss can be found and it can only teleport Alice once after the weapon has been retrieved.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

  1. It is important to note that the strategy guide has been known to contain several mistakes with regard to the names, since the author was not part of the production team. Hence, the term "Pressure Plate" is a non-fully canon terminology.

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