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Pris Witless

Pris Witless


Biographical information
  • Nurse Witless
  • Pris
  • Drunkard


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Hair color

Gray (in old age)

Personal information

Angus Bumby


Alice Liddell



Further information
Voiced by

Anni Long[1]

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I deserve consideration, don't I? Who found her her new clothes? Who got her a place at Bumby's? Where'd she be without me? On the street, selling her backside!
— Pris Witless about Alice Liddell[2]

Nurse Priscilla "Pris" Witless was one of Alice Liddell's caretakers in Rutledge Asylum. She is an alcoholic and often used Alice's false confession of the Fire as blackmail to get Alice to pay her small amounts of money or bottles of alcoholic beverages.

Biography Edit

Alice's stay at Rutledge Asylum Edit

She was one of several caretakers of Alice and may have worked alongside Heironymous Q. Wilson, Nurse Cratchet, and Nurse D-. During one of Alice's rambling, she overheard Alice blame herself for the fire, which she later used to blackmail Alice by threatening to inform the police unless she "paid" her with alcohol or money.[2]

After Rutledge Edit

Shortly after Alice's release from the asylum, she had no place to live. Alice's previous residence was destroyed in the fire, which also consumed most of her relations.

The only relation Alice had other than who she knew in the asylum was Nan Sharpe, her former Nanny who looked after Alice when she was young – teaching her both how to play the piano and speak French. However, Nan Sharpe had turned to prostitution by then, meaning if Alice were to come under her arm, Alice would possibly have to be forced into prostitution.

Pris gave her new clothing instead, and found her a job, along with a small room, at the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth under the care of Doctor Angus Bumby, who would later become her therapist.[2]

Alice: Madness Returns Edit

During Alice's walk in the streets of London, several human figures with the Jabberwock's head approached her in a slum. They disappeared when Pris Witless found her, indicating that they were just another hallucination. Pris invited her to come to her pigeon coop, Alice initially declined although the information of her rabbit doll eventually made her agree.

Alice confronting Pris

Alice confronting Pris on the roof.

Alice went to the pigeon coop and confronted Pris about causing her harm to send her back to the asylum. Pris denied disagreeing with her and in Alice's confused and scared state of Pris' confessed motives that she possibly wanted to harm Alice, she hallucinated Pris becoming the Jabberwock. As Jabberwock Pris came closer, the flooring beneath Alice started crumbling and caused her to fall into Wonderland.[2]

Pris later can be heard speaking in several of collectable memories, and briefly appears during Alice's hallucination of Rutledge. In this hallucination, Pris says Alice never gave her much kindness or a "reward" for the services Pris gave her, and almost implies Alice deserves to be back at Rutledge.

Personality Edit

Pris' rooftop

Pris' rooftop full of pigeon coops.

Nurse Witless believes herself to be kind and helpful to Alice. According to her, Alice would have ended up on the streets as a prostitute if she had not found Alice a place to stay.[2] In reality, she is a greedy, manipulative, selfish and alcoholic woman. She also loves pigeons, and has a large coop of them on her roof. She has a penchant for drinking, and is regarded as being able to empty any bottle in a few minutes.

Pris also seems to have a bit of a martyr complex, as she is shown in a memory complaining about how she never gets what she has owed for all she does for Alice. She is also shown to be bloodthirsty, wishing she could have been born in the century where executions such as beheading were still legal. During Alice's stay in Rutledge, she was a very cruel caretaker, having a short fuse with Alice's catatonia which may have resulted in beatings.

Pris does not seem to have a favorable opinion of the other adults in Alice's life. She despises Radcliffe and seems to also hold a grudge against Nan Sharpe, whom she refers to as an "uppity whore." The dislike is mutual, as Nan refers to Pris as a "drunkard."

She seems to like Charles Dickens, as two of her Memories contain Dickens references.

Trivia Edit

  • Pris's favorite drink is "Blue ruin," a Victorian slang for gin. Pris's addiction to gin is not surprising, since in that time period, gin was popular: The poor drank it as it was one of the cheapest forms of alcohol. Children were even given it to help them sleep.
  • The meaning of the name Pris means "old" and "wise because of age," however, "witless" also means foolish and stupid.
  • Pris indirectly quotes the Queen of Hearts when she says "She yells and goes off her head!" as opposed to the Queen's "Off with her head!."
  • As seen in a Memory, Pris believes in spontaneous human combustion and makes a reference to Mr. Krook from Bleak House.
  • She has a similar appearance to the Mad Hatter, with her abnormally large nose, and hunchback like posture.
  • It is unknown if Pris was an accomplice of Bumby and his crime ring, as she intentionally helped Alice find a place at Bumby's. Whether or not Pris would have known Bumby's secret activities, or benefited from this is uncertain.
  • It is unknown if Pris is still alive, as Alice may have pushed her off the roof.
Alice falling off the roof

Alice falling off the roof and into Wonderland in the beta.

  • In the beta version of Alice: Madness Returns, Alice would meet Pris on the roof of her apartment to find out what she knew about the night of the fire. Having heard Alice wrongly blame herself for the death of her family, Pris tells her that she did, which is why Alice hallucinates her as the Jabberwock. Alice would then push Pris off the roof in fear, killing her. Alice, now wanted for the murder of Pris would have ran away from the police in a chase sequence on the rooftops of London. Then, shortly after, entering Wonderland after falling off one of the buildings.[3]
  • Pris' home was originally planned to be the starting point of Alice: Madness Returns. It can be seen in the beta trailer for the game, with overturned furniture and large amounts of blood splattered around. According to American McGee, the blood was meant to be Pris'.

References Edit

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