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Rana Mushroom Shop
Rana Mushroom Shop

Southwestern hemisphere

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American McGee's Alice

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Village of the Doomed map
The Rana Mushroom Shop was a shop presumably run by one of the Torch Gnomes located in Dementia. Although no Gnomes were seen entering or using the shop, it was presumed that it was more popular before the Queen of Hearts' reign.


American McGee's Alice

As Alice approached the shop, she noticed the White Rabbit, who quickly scurried off into a hole next to the shop premises.[1]


The shop was similar to the appearance of most Village of the Doomed structures, and also unaccessible. The shop was round in shape and contained a large pointed top, resembling a mushroom. There were also several similarly shaped shops, which seemed to be part of the main building. It had wide stairs leading to its small door.


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