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The Red King was the corrupt ruler of the Red chess pieces in the Pale Realm. He captured the White Queen and had her decapitated, making it easier to destroy the remaining White pieces.


Through the Looking-Glass

To be written.

American McGee's Alice

White Queen's execution

The Red King decapitating the White Queen.

He was first seen by Alice Liddell attending the decapitation of the White Queen in a small courtyard where Alice pondered from a window. He left once the guillotine had come down the Queen's head and let the army fight Alice. She confronted and fought the Red King at the center of the Red Castle, and killed him. After the King's defeat, Alice used the White Pawn she brought with her to revive the White Queen.[1]


The Red King was similar in appearance to the White King, the only major different was the color of his clothing. He stood tall and thin, wore a crown and long, furry coat. He had no feet, which were replaced by a stump. His skin was grey and in his hand he wielded a dangerous staff.


The Red King's strongest weakness seems to be the Ice Wand, which can be used to slow down his movement.


  • The White and Red Pawns and the Red King were the only chess pieces who never made an appearance in Alice: Madness Returns.
  • As the Red Queen may have merged with the Queen of Hearts, the Red King has possibly merged with the King of Hearts.


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