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Royal Suit
Royal Suit

Limits Roses to four

Based on

Queen of Hearts


Alice: Madness Returns

A royal flush! One could take audience with the Queen looking like that.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Royal Suit is the fourth dress in Wonderland that Alice Liddell wore, which is obtained and based on the appearance of Queensland. The dress' in-game effect is the restriction of Alice's health to a total of four Roses.


Dress symbols

Main article: Dress symbols
  • Venus – Ruler of "Love" (Hearts); represents the Queen of Hearts.
  • South Ascending Moon – Ruler of karma and the past; manifested as Queen Child Alice.


It is based around the Queen of Hearts and is only seen in Queensland. The gloves worn by Alice mimics the castle towers and the dress has recurring prints of hearts and checker patterns. The pinafore features an upside-down spade, as well as astronomical signs of Venus and Leo (a descending node).

Hollow Yves

The bow is similar to her Classic dress, however, it is black in color with a matching golden pattern that mans itself around the edges of the bow and the hanging ribbons. The pattern is simply a golden line which is covered by another line of golden hearts. The skull is replaced by a twisted heart-shaped skull to fit in with the Queensland setting and has morphed into a dark gray grim heart-shape. Its eyes are a red color, which tends to look as if they are glowing, similar to the filament ending on the Siren dress.


Royal Suit Alice merchandise

Diamond Select Toys had released a posable figure of Royal Suit Alice in their Alice: Madness Returns line in 2013. Like the Hysteria Alice figure, it shared a sculpt with the regular Alice, which meant some sculptural details do not match exactly (for example, the apron), although the paint details were generally accurate. It was sold individually to comic shops and specialty stores via Diamond Comic Distributors' Previews catalog as a catalog exclusive. It came with a bloody Vorpal Blade as well as deep red versions of the Pepper Grinder and Hobby Horse.

It was one of three editions of Alice which have been released among only five dolls which have been released - Classic, Hysteria, Royal Suit, Card Guard and the Cheshire Cat.


  • The Royal Suit is the only domain or DLC dress that has received a figurine.
  • It is the third dress to take on a skull as its bow.
  • The only card suit not represented on this dress is the Club suit.


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