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Enemies drop twice as many Roses


Alice: Madness Returns

Hard to resist just like a Siren's Song.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Siren dress is the second dress equipped during Deluded Depths and based around its appearance. It is the only domain dress which uses underwater physics when equipped and the only non-DLC dress to change Alice Liddell's hairstyle.

Appearance Edit

Alice's hair flows to the rhythm of water and her tights and gothic boots are removed, rendering her barefoot. Her make-up has changed and her lips becomes the same pinkish hue as her dress.

Dress symbols Edit

Main article: Dress symbols
  • Neptune – Ruler of Illusions (builder of undersea stages and theatre); represents the Carpenter.
  • Moon – Representative of Alice's emotions out of control.

Dress Edit

The Siren dress is based on deep sea ocean colors, mythological characters, such as mermaids and sirens, as well as pinks based on corals. The bodice appears to be composed of scales, the bust itself is shaped like seashells. The skirt is reminiscent of a jellyfish's body. There are patterns along the dress that glowed in the dark, based on bioluminescent deep sea creatures. The apron is in a seashell shape and has the astronomical signs of Luna and Neptune embroidered on it. Alice's Omega necklace is tied around with seaweed.

Hollow Yves Edit

Hollow Yves is replaced to fit the underwater theme of Deluded Depths. The human-like skull has became the skull of an Angler fish. The main difference is that the filament that sprouted from the top of the fish's head, which is normally on the chin, is extremely elongated to an abnormal size, making Alice look as if she has a tail. The bow is replaced with a large, thick "whisker" type abnormality that is present on either side of the fish's head.

Trivia Edit

  • The Siren dress is coded to have underwater physics, allowing it to blend in with the aquatic setting of Chapter 2. However, this means that it appears to be underwater in any of the other areas as well; conversely, no other outfit displays underwater physics in the Deluded Depths.
  • The bottom part of the Siren dress would have been a mermaid's tail as part of the swimming dress if Alice's swimming ability was included in the final release.[2]
  • Both Luna and Neptune symbolize delusion and deception, as Luna stands for dreams and Neptune stands for water, which is fitting for the corresponding chapter it was used upon.
  • The skeleton of the angler fish in Alice's bow is a female, as they are the ones that tend to have the filament and large teeth.

References Edit

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