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The waters of Wonderland are populated by these aggressive, legged fish.
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Snarks were blue and purple scaled fish that appeared throughout Alice's journey in Wonderland and the counterpart of Fire Snarks.

Biography Edit

American McGee's Alice Edit

After reaching a huge waterfall, Alice hopped on another lily pad that took her under the tree roots. She stayed on the lily pad while avoiding the roots, as the water was infested with Snarks that were ready to eat her. When she reached the bridge and passed under it, she jumped to a vine and used it to go to solid ground.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Snarks had the general appearance of a stereotypical fish with the addition of thin, chicken-like legs for swimming. The Snarks were a shade of blueish-purple and had green eyes.

Attacks Edit

  • Bite – The Snarks will swim towards Alice and violently nibble her until she is a bloody mess.
  • Spit – When Alice is out of the water, the Snarks have the ability to shoot a painful, acid-like green goo in her direction.
  • Tongue Lashing – An attack which allows the Snark to drag Alice from the safety of land into the water, possibly drowning her before the discovery of the Turtle's Shell.

Tactics Edit

The Snarks are extremely low-level enemies which can be killed using the Vorpal Blade in one fell swoop. However, due to their underwater nature it can be very disorientating attempting to attack them in levels where water can be avoided. It is best to stay clear of the waters below Alice and stay as calm as possible in an attempt to avoid them all together.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fire Snarks and the Snarks are inspired by The Hunting of the Snark poem by Lewis Carroll.

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