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Forum Policies / FAQ
  • This board is for general discussions about the wiki. Most of the posts here require community consensus for improving the wiki.

    • 6 threads
    • 171 posts

    Last post by AlexShepherd 17:50, May 25, 2015

  • This board is for important news regarding the wiki. Most of the posts here will be highlighted by an administrator to alert the entire community.

    • 0 threads
    • 12 posts

    Last post by Pat O'Brien 15:08, October 22, 2013

  • This board is for reporting problems that require immediate maintenance or requesting information or assistance on tasks concerning the wiki (e.g. policies, protocols, etc.).

    • 0 threads
    • 3 posts

    Last post by LiaSakura 16:03, October 23, 2013

  • This board is for discussions related to the Alice series (e.g. walkthroughs, controls, and speculations).

    • 27 threads
    • 126 posts

    Last post by MissKatAttackx 22:19, December 14, 2016

Welcome to the Alice Wiki Forum!

This is the centralized page for the discussion boards of Alice Wiki. Please read the descriptions of each board carefully before posting, and don't forget to observe the Forum Policies, as well as the Alice Wiki:Policy. Please note that the wiki and its editors are not Google so please look up any of the technical problems of your game online before posting here. Have fun!
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