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Alice: Madness Returns

The perfect dress for Hatter's next teaparty.
Alice: Madness Returns Equip Menu[1]

The Steamdress was the first domain dress that was based on the steam-punk and mechanical appearance of the Hatter's Domain, but not off the Mad Hatter himself.


Dress symbols

Main article: Dress symbols
  • Mercury – Ruler of Travel (builder of trains); represents the Hatter.
  • Saturn – Represents matter taking precedence over mind or spirit (machines taking over); Ruler of Law (the new law of Wonderland being introduced).


The dress was influenced by steam-punk attire. It featured a neck-frill like collar, a Waspie waist cincher with a harness attached, and leather buckled fingerless gloves. Her boots remained the same, as did her stockings. The bow on the back of the dress was replaced with a clock, two mechanical wings and leather straps. The apron was also made of leather and features astronomical signs of Saturn and Mercury.

Hollow Yves

Hollow Yves took the form of a bow again, but much more stereotypical and similar to a classic bow. The skull was replaced with a green watch, that had the appearance of glass, and was surrounded by a bronze metal border. The fairly torn and worn bow was similar to steam-punk "bat" wings which stuck out on either side of the clock.


  • Although the dress was based on Hatter's Domain, it was not based on the Hatter himself. Alternatively, the Hattress was the Hatter-inspired DLC dress.


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