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Alice straitjacket


Alice: Madness Returns

The Straitjacket is Alice Liddell's garment during her hallucination in Rutledge Asylum.

Appearance Edit

Alice's head is shaved and her eyes appear very tired and slightly out of focus, with what appears to be black tears or possibly dirt or makeup running down her face. The rim of her eyes are puffy as if she has been crying.

Dress Edit

The Straitjacket is a single pieced white item of clothing, which resembles a dress. The upper half has been tied with brown leather belts, which makes Alice unable to move her arms and it is worn in such a way that Alice's right shoulder is exposed. The bottom of the jacket is loose, allowing Alice to walk around barefooted.

Hollow Yves Edit

Like the London dress, the Straitjacket lacks Hollow Yves. There are no replacements to the bow's usual location as the dress has belts that tightens it from the back.

Trivia Edit

  • It is only available during the Rutledge Asylum cutscene in Chapter 5.

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