I agree with one critic who said it's actually more fun to watch this game played than to play it. The visuals are stunning and if you're watching for enemies or gravity, you'll miss half of the scenery.

Also, it plays a lot like the old console games for kids (Sonic and Mario Bros); with the precise button combos and pointless leaping from precipice to ledge to hovering cog that seems to make up the whole game. One level is pretty much the same as the next in that way.

This was a miserable sequel to an excellent game.  If you pour all your efforts into the scenery and none of it into the story, then you have nothing worth paying money for.  And Spoiler Alert but the story is unsubtle, unintelligent, and unwelcome.  I'd say more, but it just enrages me further to remember the end.

Tspeecestudios 21:48, July 27, 2013 (UTC)tspeecestudios