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"The Funhouse"
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Chris Vrenna



Preceded by
"Wonderland Woods"
Followed by
"Skool Daze"
"The Funhouse" is a piece included in the American McGee's Alice Original Soundtrack. The piece is played during the Behind the Looking Glass level as Alice makes her way through the Tweedles' funhouse, an area full of machinations, Insane Children and looking-glasses, most of which are distorted to represent a typical fairground funhouse.

The piece, similar to the idea of a funhouse, it very wavy and distorted sounding, with many different mixtures of deep and high pitched noises. It also features many, but very quite, industrial sounds throughout the duration of the track, a possible nod to the Mad Hatter and his ways.

Other than several inaudible noises made by humans and monsters alike during the end of the instrumental, it is the second piece of the soundtrack to involve no dialogue whatsoever.

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