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    Adoption is done!
    19:28, October 10, 2014

    With literally most of the active contributors in the pt-br version coming from this wiki, I'm making my request here. I'm going to adopt pt-br Alice Wiki to (finally) update the wiki's layout and other various things like templates. The wiki has been dead for a long time, the only bureaucrat and sysop hadn't been on for two years. Layout-wise, the pt-br version is the only wiki left that's still has the old (ancient?) English Alice Wiki layout, and to change that I will need sysop access to edit important pages, such as the MW:Wikia.css and the MW:Common.js, and generally clean up the wiki and update its contents to an extent. Per adoption process, there should be a discussion among the contributors of the pt-br version, if they are fine with the person adopting the wiki to have sysop rights. This thread will be up for a week for the users who have contributed to the pt-br version to provide their input.

    • Any potential volunteers who know Portugese-Brazilian and are willing to translate our English pages to pt-br can head over to Ghost's wall for inquiries and such.
    • Other available languages for Alice Wiki can be read in Alice Wiki:Alice Wiki in Another Language.
    • The discussion in the pt-br wiki can be read here.
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    • I say go for it! Adoption is probably best for this wiki as it has no active contributors besides those who reside here.

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    • I agree, go for it. (God, haven't been able to come here in forever!)

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    • Adoption granted! This is going to take a while. I can't change the text wordmark because I need bureaucrat access for it :/

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