• All this about the fire and her sister Elizabeth is very interesting.  I gather this Alice Liddell is a cousin to the Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Alice Pleasance Liddel, who was born in 1856, her father was Conon Liddell, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford.  She had two brothers and two sisters, neither of which was named Elizabeth.

    This article also neglected to say the little known truth that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was not really Lewis Carroll.  Dodgson met Mark Twain in a railroad station.   Dodgson told Twain about the river trips with Jerimiah Duckworth and Twain told Dodgson about him being the real writer of Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorn.  With Dodgson too busy Twain went up river in his place and Mark Twain's Lewis Carroll hoax began.  According to all experts and authorities Mark Twain was the real writer of the Scarlett Letter in 1850.

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