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    10:34, May 27, 2015

    I'd like to propose that White Knight (Through the Looking-Glass) be deleted for the following reasons:

    • the White Knight has no other biographic information other than the fact that it was in Through the Looking-Glass since it didn't appear in any of the games, unlike Red Queen and Dodo who also didn't appear explicitly in both games yet has information or, for the Red Queen, has several instances which provides an explanation for her situation
    • there are no information found in the other sources (i.e. artbook, American's forum) that says the White Knight was supposed to be in the games or was in the games. Unlike the Dodo where his appearance was explained by Sun GuoLiang in the artbook

    TL;DR: He didn't appear in any of the games so it doesn't make any sense that there's an article about him.

    Please post your comments/reactions that is beneficial for the discussion in this thread. Thank you!

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    • I like the article though...

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    • Alice-D-Ripper wrote: I like the article though...

      Hello! The purpose of my proposal is for the article to be deleted since it has no information that links it to the Alice games. The wiki aims to provide information about McGee's Alice series, and the White Knight in Through the Looking-Glass has not appeared in any of these.

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    • Bumpity bump?

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    • I think it should be deleted.

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