• It would have to be someone who

    A. Knows where Alice is

    B. Is symphetic to her

    C. knew her family well enough to have owned a large photograph of them (which would not have been cheap in the Victorian Era) and kept it around for more than ten years, and

    D. Had a reason to keep thier identity hidden

    The only person in-universe I can think of who even comes close to fitting those characteristics would be Lewis Caroll/Charles Dodgson, but that still leaves the question of why he chose to send the gift anonymously.

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    • It's a mystery, could be Nan Sharpe.

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    • It could have been Radcliffe, as he also kept her rabbit all that time. Or maybe the doctor from the asylum? He did care about Alice and wanted her to get better. It would have to be someone that wasn't that close to Alice, because why else would they not sign their name, but cared enough to send her the picture.

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    • Eternal reminder that Alice's dad was the dean of Oxford, not some random dude, and the reason why the case was so publicized. Some neighbor or family friend had extra pity for that reason 

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