• I REALLY love her design. It's so cute, and yet elegant and very fitting to her respective enviroment/s. The different costumes for different chapters is some really fun they added in. Believe it or not, it's one of the few reasons I find Madness Returns to have more replay value.. 8P

    I think Mr.McGee did a great job at not making her like the typical female fighter. They're usually dressed showing a lot of skin and "fanservice-y". Alice, on the other hand, managees to be beautiful while staying classy and without showing an inch of skin (unless you count her face/ It also helps that her character goes with her physical reprenstation. She has her way with words.

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    • I agree! In the art book, they discussed that they had to go in directions they didn't want to go (like making Alice sexy) to experiment to find the look they wanted. I'm glad they made her look cool and creepy instead of sexy. My favourite dresses are the Misstitched, Siren, Steampunk, and White Rabbit dresses.

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