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    22:54, October 20, 2015

    So as you've heard, American McGee has posted Update #56 – which means that the physical rewards for the backers and digital copies for those who weren't able to back the Kickstarter will be released soon! Since the two shorts (and the artbook) will be filled with marvelous scenes (or pages, in the case of the artbook) that would be very useful for the articles, we kindly ask anyone who would be uploading images in this wiki, to please adhere to the image policy and Manual of Style (this includes the source mode editing markup regarding the images).

    We will immediately delete bad quality images, or any images that do not follow the image policy and consequently issue an {{Imagedeleted}} message to the uploader of said kinds of images.

    Of course, we should also not ignore the other policies of the wiki. Even though wikias are free to edit by unregistered and registered users alike, we still highly value verified information. And we all know what vandalism is and how it looks like, so best not to do it if you can't handle the consequences of your actions.

    ...And that's about it! Any questions or concerns, please wall any of the active administrators! We may not edit as frequent as before, but rest assured that we do drop by and observe the wiki!

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