• If you're going to solve the puzzle of what the game is all about, please warn us who haven't finished the game! I'm only part way through it and now i know what she's gonna find, i expect i might read this somewhere page and i'm careful to avoid it, only looking for what i came here for, some aggressive scrolling required for that. I don't expect spoilers right in the first few sentences of the intro!! That's not cool, it's just an intro there's no need to say "she finds out this is who's behind it all" hey c'mon... please change this so no one else has the mystery ruined for them, thanks.

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    • Thread moved. Don't know why this is in Wonderland when it's not important news for an admin to highlight.

      Also, I would like to point out that wikias in general are a landmine of spoilers and the way the articles are written usually follow the timeline of their series (whether books, comics, shows, movies, or games). So it is not at all uncommon to have basically an overall summary of what happened prior to the latest released installment in the intro. Furthermore, the game has been released way back in 2011, and Otherlands, released Dec. 2015, is this series' most current timeline... honestly, that's really way past spoiler cap worthy.

      If you were browsing through for walkthroughs, the game infobox of AMA and AMR both have helpful links to their main walkthrough pages. I'm not sure why you went to Alice's page when it would undoubtedly contain much of the game and/or short's events given that she's the protagonist of the whole series.

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